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Here is the best selection of internet pages where you can find lists of sex scenes and pornographic videos with legal, friendly and safe content to browse.

How to promote yourself on this pornographic video portal

In order to publish adult websites on this page, it is necessary to meet some prerequisites and a good attitude thinking about mutual collaboration to offer users an optimal experience with legal and safe content with the aim of making the Internet a pleasant place with places where people can intuitively find sex scenes and pornographic videos for all interested users. The requirements are:

-Have an https website
-That the portal has legal content
-Seek a transparent and cheat-free collaboration
-Be more than 6 months old

Do you have a list of pornographic videos and want to collaborate?

We will be delighted to be able to listen to all the proposals of adult websites that have good intentions and that think that by carrying out a good collaboration all parties involved win because the most important thing is to offer the viewer the best selection of legally pornographic videos.
We are always attentive to listening to new proposals from people who want to work and collaborate to be able to offer a better experience on the internet.
Adult websites with tons of pop-ups and ads will not be suitable for us, it must also be explained that it may take about 48-72 hours to respond.
A link to our sex scenes portal would be greatly appreciated.
You can write all your proposals to this email this email:  CONTACT